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ENTER 2022

Interactive light installation for “Unidentified Fluid Object” exhibition by Nxt Museum in Amsterdam, NL. Curated by Bogomir Doringer. 11 Jun – 30 Apr 2023

A digital mirror effect with a high frame rate camera and infrared motion capture, enlarging the viewer to billboard size and hereby visualising the uploading of our data while seduced by a hyper-self image.

Sound design: Arkadiusz Krupiński
Tech manager: Jakub Kirklewski

Note | Arek Krupiński on sound design | Specs

Every moment we use technology, or are even just nearby it – we participate in both conscious and passive uploading.

As we face-unlock our phones or curate our mosaic of photographs we become streams of data. Using extra-sensory tools like infrared, ENTER the interactive light installation locks-on and calculates your dimensions, blowing your profile up in large scale, within the work that stands before you. A soundscape produced by Arkadiusz Krupiński responds like an instrument, each layer of sound interacting with those viewing the work, causing malfunctions and modulations in the composition.

Data is drawn from your expanded digital essence – before the lights in the digital-tendrils by your feet slither away to a place beyond view. By accepting the invitation to ‘ENTER’, you offer up your body to feed the cyber-organism. With ENTER, we become merged with the virtual, an object assimilated in wires.

Arek Krupiński on sound design:

My goal was to design the complementary sound for the light installation, in which a flat screen plays the role of an entrance to the metaverse and also a tool to explore it. The size of the installation, the cubature of the room, and the bottom-to-top flow of the animation convinced me to use a vertical quadraphony (4 speakers). To create a feeling of discovering new places in sound, I decided to use a virtual modular system (VCV Rack) that allows for a great plasticity during the process of construction.

Enter 2022 Generative Sound System by Arek Krupiński

The overall sound space consists of several layers. Some of them are being constantly generated, and the others flow with their own fixed rhythm, scrolling through the sonic worlds. Each of the layers has a different length, different articulation and a different character. Thanks to this approach, we obtain the polyrhythmic effect. The layers react to each other, and are also triggered by the visuals, including the cameras. The entire audiovisual system is tangled together by a mass of connections, to keep the overall feeling consistent. You can even say that you are dealing with an audiovisual instrument. For everyone who stands in front of the camera it will be a slightly different experience – your unique personal way of interacting with the factors will produce a new mutation of the whole system.

Enter 2022 Generative Sound System by Arek Krupiński


Size: 7m high, 5m on the ground
Resolution: 80x240 pixels
Interaction: three high-speed infrared cameras
Motion: generative, user sourced
Code: JavaScript
Sound: quadraphonic, generative sound system
Drivers: four custom controllers